From Start to Finish


pre sale

We at Class Act, an Orlando Estate Sale company understand that life transitions like this can be difficult & stressful whether moving a loved one, going through a divorce, downsizing or relocating to a new job. Our goal is to provide personal care and attention to your individual circumstances and will make every effort to make your transition as smooth and easy as possible, with your best interests in mind.


Don’t throw anything away! Schedule a free consultation with us to first determine if you have enough for a sale.

  • We will sort and organize your items and display in various ways around the sale area. We bring in our own tables so that we can de clutter the tops of furniture making it visible in the sale.

  • We will place signs that are appropriate throughout the sale area as needed such as WATCH YOUR STEP and informational signs.

  • There will also be signs placed around the sale area that will aid in the understanding of how the sale will be run.

  • All advertising is the responsibility of Class Act. We will advertise in Orlando Sentinel,, my website, customer email list, professional signs and any other venues that might apply.

  • We will also put pictures online as soon as possible to get the maximum amount visibility which greatly aids in the sale of items.


during sale

  • We place our cash-wrap right next to the entrance/exit to ensure that we interact with every customer who comes in the door. This allows us to easily field any questions that might arise and make certain that no one slips out the door without paying. We are known for our happy greetings and warm atmosphere.

  • We have a lock box to display precious jewelry or other valuables which will be placed by the cashier.

  • We will do our best to get a fair value for the items in the sale and offer various ways to encourage buyers to buy items at various discounts offered as the sale progresses.

  • As most people don’t carry much cash nowadays, we also offer credit card purchases in order to maximize the potential purchases in a sale. Especially the large items.

  • We are careful to make sure customers have adequate muscle to remove large items. We will also give options for delivery if available.


after sale

  • I do not have a warehouse, nor do I take items from sale to sale. Most of the time we are able to have the house emptied by a charity(the client will get a charity receipt), auction company, junk removal. Whatever is available. The other option is for the client to take back the items at the end if they have their own charity to donate too, or would like to hold a garage sale to milk the items left and add a little bit more to their proceeds.

  • We do collect and remit sales tax, every month

  • All accounting for the sale will be done and sent out within 5 business days of the sale.

  • The inside of the house will be left broom swept