Mike has been with me almost 2 years now. He is a retired school teacher that loves picking. When Mike is not helping to cashier, you can usually find him watching over and organizing tools in the garage. Mike loves collecting bar ware and unique items. It always amazes me how he has a keen eye for finding treasures!



Debbie has 35 plus years doing resale and estate sales. Even though we are in the same business, we have become great friends over the years and help each other out from time to time. Debbie is well rounded in her knowledge of estate sale items. If you see her smiling face be sure to say hello!



This is my second oldest son who also works for my oldest son. Tristan keeps the servers up and running for Nibble Networks. He is always teaching me the technical side of things including helping me build this website! I would be clueless without Tristan & Jacob. Every once in awhile he will still lead a sale for me. He and Nicole will be having a new baby in Jan. My 15th grand baby!



I am the oldest son of Donna's and was brought on board to help support the needs of the company. I have ten years of experience in the restaurant industry as everything from a server to a General Manager for a local corporately owned company. Recently though I have changed course and now own a technical support company called Nibble Networks. I spent much of my childhood driving from sale to sale with my mom. ITS IN THE BLOOD!


meet ariel

My second oldest daughter just got married and works part time for me. You won”t ever see her cashiering. She likes to work behind the scenes and do set up. She recently had Ronan, my 14th grand baby. She also loves to babysit any of the 13 nieces & nephews. Her goal is to one day own a childrens learning center.



Shirley, who is also my room mate, works in eldercare. She has also worked part time for me. You will recognize her by her cheerful greeting as she FULLY informs you as to what discounts are coming up next. Truly the voice of the sale. She also at times works behind the scenes setting up. When I need extra help and she is available…...she is there.



Austin, my youngest son has worked for me the past couple of years. He used to be the muscle and do deliveries, However he has been successful at starting his own co. called Let It Go Junk Removal. Although he can not work sales for me any more he now works at times for me helping to remove leftover trash at the end of sales. A much needed service!



My 7th daughter has helped me on and off ever since I started my business. She just recently quit her job, and is in transition to going back to school full time. While in transition she will be helping me setting up sales, being a floater, and or cashier. She loves to smile, and create a welcoming space while at sales.